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Why GBHS ?
Guheshwari Boarding High School is a comprehensive, co-educational school, offering an environment that reflects our society and better prepares students for their future lives.

Guheshwari was founded in 2030 B.S. as an educational institute which is not just about bricks, mortar and concrete, but about building characters, enriching minds and about enriching experiences that lasts for a lifetime. We aim to this by ensuring that all our activities are relevant innovative and responsive.

GBHS Phoenix

It gives us immense pleasure to introduce the 5th Volume of the bi-monthly school newsletter, "GBHS Phoenix". Phoenix is a common voice of school which reflects different events of Guheshwari Boarding High School . This newsletter has tried to convey positive message that every child is born with some talent and all we need is proper environment to flourish. Our parents and guardians might have not seen the hidden inner talent of their children. So, this newsletter can be the best platform to be inclusive and participatory for all the GBHS students. We admire even a small effort of your child who can be a national figure and a great contributor to nation if we appreciate and encourage their innocent and sweet action.

Finally, we are thankful to those who have been directly and indirectly contributing for the publication of this magazine either by providing articles or as a regular reader. We expect your suggestions, comments and feedback to make this newsletter as the mouthpiece of GBHS.

At last, we wish a blissful and prosperous Happy New Year -2074


From the desk of chairperson

Dear Parents ,students and well - wishers, May the New Year 2074 bring warmth of love, comfort of home and joy for your children with enrichment of knowledge and courage to speak truth which can guide and carve a beautiful and bright future.

Mrs. Heena Pradhan


From the Desk of Director

Dear all

I’m very much glad to work with a team of dedicated admin members and teachers as we share a very important conviction that each student is unique and valuable, and that given suitable opportunity, motivation and encouragement, every child can shine on the stage. The academic year 2073 proved to be another very fruitful school year with all the achievements accomplished by our dear students. I hope you have made a very strong foundation this year to stand firmly against all the pushes and pulls which you may encounter with later on in the days to come.

I would like to congratulate you all for the development of all your skills School Director which you have shown through the extra curricular activities. 'GBHS Phoenix' is another platform for you all to pour down your inner talents. You have shown your creativities and interest in Art and Literature through the several editions of school Wall Magazines and print Magazines. Independence and self autonomy are perhaps rather sensitive words today; however, our school does consider that the values behind these words are very important to you all. Learning to be self- reliant simply means to develop oneself as an independent person with self autonomy. So, we would like to make you an independent person who is responsible and can make a wise decision within yourself even in difficult situations. Thus, I would like to encourage you to be yourself and fly in the world of Art and Literature and expand your thinking power wisely and give several creations for your school magazines 'GBHS Phoenix. I believe that GBHS Phoenix will definitely help you out to be a self dependent person in your life.

Thank you all for your hard work, achievements and creativities for the Academic Session -2073. Guheshwari Boarding High School will certainly come with more plans ,ECAs and child oriented programs in the Academic session-2074 where you can find yourself Safe academically, in addition making yourself busy physically, mentally and spiritually.

At lost on the auspicious occasion of Nepalese Happy New Year I would like to wish you all very glorious New Year 2074. May almighty give us strength to forget our bitter past and pour his love and blessings upon us. Best Wishes.

D.R. Lamichhane
School Director


From the Desk of Director Principal

Dear Parents, Guardians, Students and Well-wishers,

Happy New "School" Year and Welcome to all of our students and their families!

A new school year is beginning and Guheshwari brings the promise of new friendships, experiences and learning! The staff members are excited to be continuing with our focus on Making a Difference As we look to celebrate diversity and achievements, we eagerly anticipate many fun and exciting school events We look forward to supporting our students in becoming the best students that they can be! We are also excited about continuing our school-wide focus on Character Development with academic excellence.

At Guheshwari, we strongly believe in the positive impact of partnerships and we are looking forward to continuing those partnerships with you and our community. We know that together supportive staff, students and involved families build success.

In closing, I would like to thank to all co-ordinators, teachers, students and editorial team who work hard to bring out this fifth volume of GBHS Phoenix. I wish all parents, guardians, staff well-wishers and students a successful, productive, and enjoyable "Happy New Year 2074!”

Rabin Gurung


From the Desk of Coordinators

Dear all,

We are very much happy to know that Guheshwori Boarding High School is bringing out its 5th edition of GBHS Phoenix 2017. We hope the magazine helps record the curricular and extra-curricular activities of students and provides them golden opportunities to showcase their inner-talents and give good platform to flourish their originative potential. We would like to encourage you to come with more sweet fruits from the garden of your creativity. Best Wishes.

We extend our greetings and good wishes on the occasion of New Year-2074. May you live happy, healthy and wise life in many years to come.

Bhishma Raj Kharel
School Co-ordinator



Brain drain is the migration of highly skilled and qualified people to another country where they believe, they can have better opportunities for education, employment and thus, they can have a standard life. This causes lack of manpower in the country and so, developmental activities rarely occur or may not take place at all.

There are many reasons for brain drain, but most people have unemployment as their factor for migration. When people don't have any lob opportunities in their country, they migrate to other countries in search of lob facilities. Also, people believe that lifestyle and economy is highly standard in Europe and America, and believes that they can live a prosperous life there. Finally, lack of basic facilities also results brain drain. This act of migration is an obstacle for development in ones country. The skilled manpower will leave the nation, leaving no hand to support the country. So, the government must be able to provide awareness to the skilled youths about the demerits of brain drain in the country, and must try to provide opportunities and facilities for the upliftment of the living standard of the citizens of the country. Thus, our country can also became developed and a "dream land" even for foreigners and we can feel proud to call ourselves Nepalese.

Avash Bhattarai
Grade: IX


I was in the restaurant yesterday when i suddenly realized that I desperately need to pass gas. The music was really loud so after couple of songs I passed my gas with the beat of the song. I finished my coffee at every body was staring at me, then I realized that I was listening to my ipod.

Nakul Ghale
Grade V


First Day at GBHS

First day at GBHS, was just a beginning,
Of great day from morning to evening,
I was very excited and curious,
For the beautiful moments waiting at GBHS.

Awesome teachers and friends,
Who always follow friendly trend,
Labs, canteen, classes and hall,
GBHS is a place to admire for all.
Where hopes and dreams of many come alive,
So ,thank you GBHS for a beautiful moments of life.

Rakshya Gurung
Grade: IX



It was an incredible afternoon hosted and organized by the students of class 9 and 8 on 1st February 2017. A FAREWELL program was organized for the 20th hatch of GBHS, This wonderful day was begun with SARASWATI PUJA.

The program started at 1:00 pm in the afternoon. The program begun with our national anthem nod then welcome speech by Kashika Dhakal, Similarly, we had may dunce and singing performance which made the program more interesting and entertaining. The principal, Mr. Robin Gurun and the director, Mr. DR Lamichhane gave on inspiring speech for class 10 as well as 9 and 8 class students and appreciated us for conducting wonderful program. Some games were also there to make the program interesting and fun for both students and teachers. As o token of love and remembrance the SEE students were provided with photo frame of their class and some important titles were also the part of the program. Then the vote of thanks speech was given by Suyog Satval. We had the coke cutting ceremony and then came the most awaited part of the program that was documentary for class 10 which was made by Shreeraj Karki. He collected all me memories and did hard work to make class 10 happy. Last but not the least, it was lunch time served the food to the students and teachers.

Finally, the farewell was a great success for us and we enjoyed the program ourselves too.

Jasmina Adhikari
Grade IX


"Never Give Up, Keep Moving On"

Time is an unstoppable element of life. It is said, 'Time and tides waits for no man.' Sometimes time makes headway through our life span but our soul and mind wishes to stay still. Life has many twists and turns and ups and downs. Most of these episodes cause one to fall down deep; so deep one may never come back. Still and all people can come back yet either they are not willing to come or others push them down. This state often has adverse effects in one's life ranging from minor to major ones. Coming back from such a dilapidated condition lust needs fortitude. If one holds the audacity to rise up high from the pain or grief one has passed, even the conformist society like will not catechize. Moving on and enjoying more gives you a pleasure; a pleasure you might never find next time and never get to experience in a lifetime. Moving on has a sweet-bitter taste that often teaches us the real meaning of life. So, live your life full, never give up and always move on and on.

Samprada Upreti
Grade IX


My Childhood Days

When I lie in bed
I still remember my little frock
Coloured in red.

When I tried to climb up the tree
I full there
Joyfull moments of those years

Remembering these incidents
My eyes are full of tears
The mistake I had done
Was without fear.

Really, really those moments are unforgettable
And, I will keep in my memory forever.

Suzane Gurung
Class V



Knowledge is life’s mission
Life is full of creation
Creation depends upon acceleration
Acceleration is generated by mind’s motion

Ii is flying like a blooming flower
We must show our power
Power is mission to build pillar
Pillar is made by mind’s labour.

Ayesha Bibi
Grade IX



From the very first time, you hold your child
Their first gift is your heart forever;
The love you give and the return
Is the bond that will hold you together.

Through out their life, you love will be
A light that guides their way;
The beacon aglow in the darkness
Should they ever go astray.

Your love will give them courage
When the way ahead is unclear
And will give them strength, when needed
To help overcome their fears.

Your love will accept them for who they are
Whatever they say or do
Your love will foregive unreservedly
Because they are a part of you.

Preeti Regmi
Grade IV



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